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Do Spirits Linger After Death?

           Do Spirits Linger After Death?

It’s been said that after someone dies, their spirit lingers for a while before they go to their next life. I don’t know if I believe that, but when my mother died, we seemed to get several signs that she was trying to contact us.

My mother died in a car crash. My father was driving her to work, and the weather was really bad. It was snowing and blustery out. My father doesn’t remember how it happened probably due to post-traumatic stress. However, the car went over a large embankment, and ended up upside down. My mother had gone into cardiac arrest, and died on impact. My father, thank God, survived.

Here are some examples, of what made my family start to believe that the saying about a spirit lingering after death is true.

My oldest sister and my aunts and uncles went to see the accident site, days later. They looked through the car and made sure that there was nothing left behind before it would be towed it away. They didn’t find anything, and they had gone through it thoroughly.

A day or so later, when my sister and her boyfriend came back one last time before the car would be towed away. They saw a roll of film in the backseat. They were sure it wasn’t there before. They got the film developed, and it was pictures of my mom and our family at a circus. To this day, they don’t know how those pictures got there. They believe my mother put them there.

One night, shortly after the accident, my sister and I were sleeping, and in the middle of the night, the music box that my mother had given us went off out of nowhere. The window wasn’t open, so there was no way that the wind could have made it go on. It woke both my sister and I up even though I am a light sleeper. The song that it played was “Memories”.

My aunt and uncle were watching TV one night, and out of the blue the program switched to some guy saying that he believes that the spirit of a body sometimes lingers after dead for a little while since the death is so quick. It had nothing to do with what my aunt and uncle were watching, and they thought it was so weird. What was even weirder is when my aunt told her son about it, he confessed that he had heard the exact same message.

Soon after my mom died, my aunt kept getting phone calls where no one answered. She believes it was my mother. My aunt’s and my mom’s dad got phone calls like that when their mother died.

The final example is, for the longest time after my mother‘s death, we would always hear my mother’s favorite songs on the radio when we’d go on vacation, or celebrate a holiday together.

So, does the spirit really linger to say goodbye after the body dies? I don’t know what to believe. I’ll let you decide. ;)