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Our I-Zine


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Hello! This is our I-zine. We hope you all enjoy the movie, television, and restaurant reviews, as well as other things we may put in like fashion tips, updates on our lives, pictures, horoscopes, etc. We hope you enjoy as each month we bring you new and interesting things!

We will also have a fan page featuring fan artwork, short stories, poems, and anything else you can think of, so send us your stuff!

This month is our first issue. It will be all about fall and Halloween.

Love and Kisses A&R <3

Hi! I'm Rashleigh. I want you to have a great time here and really get involved. My mother is a huge NKOTB fan. She named me after her favorite member Jon Knight. Haters in HS called me Rash, but my name is pronounced RoshLee. I go by RJ also. My full name is Rashleigh Jona, beacuse his name is Jonathan Rashleigh for there are no last names here.

Hi!I'm Angelia, but my friends call me Angel.
I was named after the Richard Marx song, Angelia. I love my name!
Anyway, I hope y'all really enjoy this I-zine. It's mine and Rashleigh's first attempt at one of these, so please be gentle on us.
Love ya!